EeeXubuntu on Eee PC, Update

After five tries, I finally got EeeXubuntu up and running on my Eee PC.

It then asked me to update its software, which I did.

It then asked me to restart the Eee PC, which I did.

Upon restart, boot failure.

I’m giving up on EeeXubuntu, I’m back on Xandros now.

I feel like today was wasted.

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3 thoughts on “EeeXubuntu on Eee PC, Update

  1. Thanks for posting this. I don’t have my eee yet. I like what you have written because it is a real life account. That’s the problem with most tutorials, they don’t give you a real life account of what problems can be encountered.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Dan. Don’t be too quick to write off EeeXubuntu on the Eee PC yet, I succeeded the following day. I’ll blog about it when I have the time. Stay tuned.

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