Life With My Eee PC, Day Three: Success

Several happy things happened yesterday and today with my Eee PC.

First, after seven (yes, seven) tries, I finally got EeeXubuntu installed on the Eee PC.  You’ll recall that I was having a miserable time installing it on my SDHC card. Turns out this was because the card had failed. I’ve already requested an RMA from NewEgg to have it replaced forthwith. This time I decided to delete the default Xandros OS and install Xubuntu on the internal 4GB SSD. Also, instead of using my crappy external USB DVD drive, I followed the instructions to create a Xubuntu installer on a USB flash drive. In the end, that’s the method that succeeded in installing Xubuntu on the Eee PC.

The next happy event was that I got to use the Eee PC for some actual work. I typed my RMA request letter in AbiWord, made a wireless connection to my networked HP laser printer, and printed out my NewEgg RMA paperwork using the Eee PC. The entire process proceeded smoothly.

Next, I followed these intructions to enable Compiz Desktop Effects, which is pretty cool and works fluidly even with just 512MB RAM. I was really impressed after I enabled Direct Draw which speeded up 3D performance by over 400 percent.

Finally, I’ve got VLC installed and I used it to watch my customary TV episode over lunch today. The vide playback was much sharper and smoother than under the default Xandros OS.


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