Life With Eee PC, Day Five: Settling In

Today I watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 1 episode 8 over my lunch break on the Eee PC, courtesy of Eee PC is integrating into my daily life, which I consider a good thing, a sign that it can grow into a proper tool rather than just the latest gadget in a never-ending parade of gadgets.

Speaking of gadgets, my co-worker just told me that since he’s got an iPhone, he no longer has any use for his Palm Tungsten, and is willing to give the whole kit to me for nothing. Hey, I’ll pay that price anytime! One can never have too many gadgets, am I right?

I’ve got Flock 1.1 beta installed under EeeXubuntu, and I have to say that it is much improved over v. 1.0 on the Eee PC. The previous veresion felt too cramped on the 7-inch display. The new Flock feels normaal and natural. In fact, I’m using its blog editor to make this entry right now. Good stuff.

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