Blogwriter Test Post

This is a test post from my iPhone to my blog via Blogwriter Lite. One of the reasons why I haven’t blogged as much lately is because it’s just too inconvenient to fire up the portable when I’m home. I use computers at work all day long; the last thing I want to do when I get home is mess around with computers some more. This might be a good compromise solution. Also, I’m getting pretty fast at typing blog posts on the iPhone. The auto-correct feature is very slick and helpful, once you’ve gotten used to it.


2 thoughts on “Blogwriter Test Post

  1. Hey man, I’ve been following you on twitter since a long time, and you’d been following me too, but due to my hiatus from twitter (3 months!) looks like you’d removed your follow. =) Anyways, here’s the thing, I’ve been reading your tweets about your recent work-out and weight loss program, and I’m around 280 lbs too, any tips & help would be appreciated!

    Btw, I’m sorry if this seems like Spam, I wanted to get in touch with you! Btw, love your tweets! =) Keep up the good work!

    P.S: On topic: Is Blogwriter Lite a free app?

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