Hello world!

Welcome to macbuntu! This site is a foray into uncharted territory on at least two fronts. First, I have just begun a journey of discovery into the strange, unfamiliar and often terrifying world of Linux. Specifically, Ubuntu Linux. More specifically, Ubuntu Linux on Macintosh computers.

Second, this is also my first real attempt at a blog. So I’m curious to see how this works out.

I’ve been using Macintosh computers personally for over 12 years, supporting them professionally for over ten. I’ve used every version of Mac OS from System 6 on an LCIII to the current version of Mac OS X. Although I have been and remain a hardcore Mac user (I even founded PinoyMac, a Mac user group, among other heavily Mac-centric elements in my personal life), every so often I’ve had the urge to explore alternative OSes to broaden my experience. I’ll table a discussion of that for another time.

I’m writing this under Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger on a Powerbook G3/250MHZ/192MB/4GB/13.3″ display Wallstreet. I intend to explore this OS on this and other Macs as much and as far as I can over the next few months, and record my experiences in this blog. I’m no Linux power user by any means, so if you’re an advanced user you’re probably not going to find this blog of interest. But it’s my hope that fellow Mac users curious about Linux might find this blog of interest and value over time.

Hopefully that sets the stage for what to expect from this blog. Next entry I’ll talk about what it was like to install Breezy on my Powerbook G3.


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